One of the things Bernie delegates actively protested at the DNC is the TransPacificPartnership.  Citizens across the globe have been protesting this trade agreement for over a year now.  Most of the content was negotiated in secret and its not well understood by the general public.  Free trade sounds good, but here are the 10 reasons Bernie listed for why the TPP is bad for working families:

10 Ways that TPP would hurt Working Families

1. TPP will allow corporations to outsource even more jobs overseas.

2. U.S. sovereignty will be undermined by giving corporations the right to challenge our laws before international tribunals.

3. Wages, benefits, and collective bargaining will be threatened.
4. Our ability to protect the environment will be undermined.

5. Food Safety Standards will be threatened.

6. Buy America laws could come to an end.

7. Prescription drug prices will increase, access to life saving drugs will decrease, and the profits of drug companies will go up.

8. Wall Street would benefit at the expense of everyone else.

9. The TPP would reward authoritarian regimes like Vietnam that systematically violate human rights.

10. The TPP has no expiration date, making it virtually impossible to repeal.

Who in MN supports this?  And Why?!?!

Both Amy & Al recently voted against the TPP, but they are in the minority in the Senate to do so.  Please call or write to yourelected reps and let them know we, their constituents, don’t want them to vote for it or any watered down version they might come up with.  Don’t let this get through the lame duck session.  Of note, Hillary’s VP pick voted in favor of this awful agreement and Obama is pushing hard to get it through.