Brian Abrahamson is running for MN State Senate in SD 22 against incumbent, Republican Bill Weber, who beat out Democrat Alan Oberloh 52.8%/47.2% in 2012. To get an understanding of the races this year, check out Ballotpedia. One interesting note is that candidates have routinely spent a larger amount of money to get elected into this district in State Senate than the salary for the position.


What office are you running for and why?

Minnesota State Senate. I am running because I don’t feel as though Minnesota Families are being represented well by current GOP house and senate. We should be a voice for Minnesota families, and not fight for the wealthiest few and protects large corporations.

What is your job now?

Direct Support Professional for adults with disabilities.

Where do you get your news?

Local newspapers online

Share one experience you’ve had during your campaign that has changed your stance on an issue

I have been pretty steady on my platform and my message. I stand by it strongly.

What do you AGREE with your opponent on?

Wanting to “make Minnesota great”. Even though I feel as if we are already great. We have many areas for improvement

What do you disagree with Bernie about?

Not very much. He is on the right side of history every where he goes. I’m pretty in sync with his message

What do you feel the role of political parties should be?

We should make the people stronger. We should listen to what they have to say, instead of listening to large corporations and the wealthy. We should unite communities together to work toward a common goal…and that goal is simple…We the People.

How are you financing your campaign?

Small donations from great people from Minnesota and all over the United States. I’m running a grassroots campaign much like Bernie Sanders.

What will you do to advance your legislative agenda if you are NOT elected?

I will continue the dialogue that we need to do better for the people of Minnesota. We have to have a livable wage. We have to repair our roads. We need clean water. We need to create jobs. We need money for schools and colleges. I would work with legislators to help write legislation, and encourage others to do the same.

Have more questions for Brian?  Contact him here: [email protected]
Thanks for becoming more informed about the folks on the ballot.