Join us on August 26/27 at St Croix State park near Hickley MN for two nights of camping and two days of door knocking to help re-elect congressman Rick Nolan of CD 8.

Bernie’s latest email asked for us to particularly support three candidates including Zepher Teachout, Pramila Jayapal and MN’s own Rick Nolan.  Here’s what Bernie said in his endorsement:

Rick Nolan (Minnesota): Rick represents one of the most competitive congressional districts in the country, but he’s been a strong fighter for enacting single-payer health care, overturning Citizens United and ending offshore tax havens. He’s running against a multimillionaire CEO who thinks he can pour millions into television ads, win himself a congressional seat, and then cast votes to cut taxes on the ultra-rich.”

Rick was one of the vocal supporters of our revolution and put himself in a touch spot among DFL party leaders to stay true to his progressive constituents.  Let’s show our appreciation for his leadership by volunteering on his campaign through the November election.

Camp & Canvass is hosted by Our Revolution MN in conjunction with the Nolan campaign.  Group campsite 2&3 at St Croix State Park are reserved from 5pm Fri Aug 26-Sun Aug 28th for Nolan volunteers.

Please bring your own tent and camping supplies.  State park stickers are required for all cars in the park and can be purchased on arrival.

Light refreshments will be provided and instructions and q&a about canvassing will take place at 9am on Sat and Sun. Family participation is encouraged as well as taking time to enjoy our state park and make new friends from the 99%.

Supplies which we could use are:

Bug tent, lawn chairs, guitar or campfire music, lawn games, your ideas on how to win the MN house and advance progressive legislation.

For questions and to RSVP, please email [email protected]