Thanks to everyone who attended Our Revolution MN’s session on March 20th: “Minnesota Data Practices Training”. Other training sessions will follow around the state!

Anne Gomez set the stage for us as participants in the Minnesota Data Practices Training. We came as individuals with an intellectual challenge and — in an instant — she drew us together in the emotional challenge of preserving our democracy, our right to know what our government is doing in our name.

For more information on the deep secrecy in Minnesota’s data practices, please check out this Star Tribune article by James Eli Shiffer: “Democracy goes off the record in Minnesota” (Star Tribune, March 13, 2017)

Finally, special thanks to Don Gemberling for leading the event. Don is the spokesperson for the MN Coalition on Government Information ( And special thanks to Anne Gomez for rendering the following illustration of the event.

In Anne’s words: “I am a graphic recorder and facilitator. During a conversation, meeting or training, by listening intently to you, I capture, distill and translate what I hear into images and words. Research shows that seeing what you have heard or said helps you better remember and understand how ideas and thoughts fit together. The magic happens when you see your ideas come to life right there and then. Your deeper engagement then creates real potential for group understanding, innovative thinking and creativity. When working through complex issues, simple pictures can facilitate clear, collaborative communication and understanding.”