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Skill building workshop for activists who may need to access public and private data held by the State of Minnesota, or access public meetings.

The goal is to enable individual activists to be able to write request letters, and to build a team of activists who are able to work with issue-oriented groups (such as environment, police, and justice) to get data on costs, emails, studies, orders, and opinions of Minnesota government officials. Mentoring will be available after the training. Long-time public data activist Don Gemberling is the trainer.

Now is your chance to work alongside officials, candidates, and those working on Black Lives Matter, $15 Wage campaign, and other groups.

Recent successes in obtaining public data, racial justice public data activists were able to access records of police officers.

March 12-19 is Sunshine Week, a time to shed light on our rights to information and how to get public data from government entities.

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This event has ended