Join Minnesotans at the State Capitol Rotunda to rally together and call for expanding Medicare to cover all Minnesotans. The AHCA has passed the House of Representatives in a 217-213 vote. We need to rally together to say that we will not stand for attacks on the human right to healthcare. Minnesotans need equitable access to healthcare for all!

We have a unique opportunity to urge our legislators to move beyond the Affordable Care Act toward an economically sustainable system that reaches the 29 million Americans and 200,000 Minnesotans left uninsured under our current system. Now is more important than ever to stand up and speak up for Single Payer!

Some reminders about the rally:

  • All supporters are welcome! Patients, advocates, caregivers, and others, join alongside health professionals to tell your story and stand up for healthcare for all!
  • If you are a healthcare professional with a white coat, wear it to help us make a statement as health professionals that we want healthcare equity!
  • The rally will run from 8:30 am-11:30 am. No need to stay the entire time if you have conflicts. Please join us for as long as you can make it to show your support!
  • Please spread the word and help us have a huge turnout!
  • As always, reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or comments!

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