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Our Revolution Minnesota Endorsement Process

Our Revolution endorses candidates by surveying its membership coordinated with working committees. Candidates soliciting endorsement completed a questionnaire to assess and evaluate the individual’s values, vision, and understanding of progressive politics. Delivery of questionnaires and response timeframes to all questionnaires are performed uniform across candidates and administered in an impartial manner.

Forthcoming Races For Potential Endorsements

DFL Executive Committee Endorsements

Our Revolution MN congratulates all of the candidates in the 2017 DFL Officer elections.

We want to thank our endorsed candidates:  Donna Cassutt, Taylor Stevenson, Mellissa Olson, Amanda Madison, and Tyler Moroles.  We know the courage and commitment it takes to run a quality campaign and we were honored to stand with you throughout this election process.

A special congratulations to the new DFL Treasurer, Tyler Moroles.

Congratulations to the other successful candidates, Ken, Marge, Jacob, and Shivanthi.  We look forward to working with you to build a more progressive Minnesota.

Finally, a very special thank you to all of the Our Revolution MN members who made phone calls and/or showed up at the SCC meeting to support our endorsed candidates.  It is your involvement and action that gives the candidates their true power.


Our Revolution MN questionnaires have a base questionnaire that is used for every office. There are also questionnaires tailored to particular offices being pursued.

Next Meeting

The Endorsements Committee meets every two weeks. Check out the events page for details.  If you are interested in pursuing an Our Revolution MN endorsement please email us at [email protected].