Running for City Council (At Large)
Duluth, MN
Nov. 7, 2017

Rich Updegrove is a high school social studies teacher with Duluth Public Schools and a National Delegate for Bernie Sanders.  Rich and his wife Jennifer McEwen are raising their children, Leif and Aurora McEwen-Updegrove, in their 100 year-old Duluth home built by Jennifer’s great-grandparents, who immigrated to the United States from Sweden.

Rich earned his PhD in History in 2014 and is active in the Duluth Federation of Teachers, Education Minnesota, and is part of this year’s Minnesota Union Leadership Program through the University of Minnesota.  Rich is also a co-facilitator of Our Revolution-Duluth, the grassroots political organization that arose out of Sanders’ 74% showing in Duluth’s March 2016 caucuses.

If elected, Rich will focus on:

  • Protecting our water: Parts of Lake Superior, the planet’s largest body of fresh water, are located in Duluth. This Great Lake is central to Duluth’s economic well-being, to the beauty of our natural environment, and is an integral part of Duluth’s identity. Rich vows to always fight to protect it.
  • Supporting the workers of our city: Wealth and income inequality have reached a crisis level in our country and Duluth has not been spared. The vast majority of Duluth residents do not have the protections and benefits that come with a union job.  Without those workplace protections, 46% of workers in Duluth lack access to paid sick and safe time, women do not receive equal pay for equal work, and the minimum wage remains far below a living wage.
  • Confronting the disparities in our community: City council must fund an enforceable Homeless Bill of Rights. They must also address the fact that there is an eleven-year difference in life-expectancy depending on what neighborhood you live in and lack of affordable housing regardless of your neighborhood

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