Running for Hennepin Co. Attorney
Nov. 6, 2018

Mark Haase will bring a progressive set of priorities to the office of Hennepin County Attorney.

Second Chances

  • Broaden Expungement Access – Utilize the full extent of expungement law to assist with the expedited sealing of low level nonviolent offenses.
  • Expand diversion and use of non-conviction sentences and restorative justice programming, improve diversion support services, particularly for drug use.
  • Support and participate in regular warrant forgiveness days.
  • Limit charging of felonies for 16-17 year olds to avoid public record and advocate for law change to allow judges to close these hearing that are currently automatically public.
  • Expand juvenile restorative justice services with a focus on creating connections with supportive adults.
  • Strengthen family supports and mental health services for juveniles and improve collaboration between juvenile delinquency and child protection systems.


Fairness and Equity

  • End cash bail. Limit the requesting of bail and advocate for systemic changes to reform our bail system in Minnesota and abolish cash bail.
  • End criminalization of poverty. Limit the use of fines and fees and advocate for state reforms so we stop punishing people for being poor.
  • Legalize marijuana. Limit the prosecution of cannabis crimes, where racial disparities in enforcement are particularly high and support full legalization.
  • Commit to diversity in hiring and promotion.
  • Create a culture of inclusion. Support tough conversations about race and confront all biases including gender and disability bias within the office.
  • End disparities in child protection. Improve fairness in child protection actions.


Increase Accountability and Community Trust

  • Share data including demographic and race data, policy, and outcomes in an accessible location and format.
  • Create a community advisory board to help develop and support policy changes.
  • Create an independent advisory panel for police use of force cases.
  • Create a conviction integrity unit to review credible claims of improper convictions.
  • Prioritize community involvement for new hires and staff at all levels of the office.
  • Environmental Justice. Polluters need to be held accountable for their actions. I’m a dedicated outdoorsman and lifelong environmentalist, and I’ll protect our natural resources.
  • Immigration. End unnecessary cooperation with ICE. It is important that immigrants are able to trust the police and our legal system, because trust and cooperation are essential to public safety. I will protect the Fourth Amendment rights of all of our residents, limit cooperation with ICE to the extent required by law, and work to create policies throughout county government that will allow immigrants to trust our local justice system.
  • Enhance victim support services both inside and outside the office and work with domestic violence and sexual assault advocates to ensure we are truly hearing victims and doing all we can to hold perpetrators accountable.