Running for City Council (Ward 1)
Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 7, 2017

Working with city officials on urban agriculture, fighting foreclosures, and advocating for youth and families, Jillia Pessenda has seen firsthand how we can solve problems in Minneapolis when elected leaders listen and proactively collaborate with community members. Too often, members of our city council have maintained the status quo instead of championing the change we need.

Through Jillia’s years of experience creating positive change in Minneapolis and Minnesota, she realized that we need strong advocates at City Hall who will not only listen, but work with communities to proactively create the change we need to move our city forward.

Pessenda is running on the following platform:

  • Fight for working families
  • Keep Ward 1 an affordable place to live
  • Invest in our neighborhoods
  • Eliminate racial disparities -Community Safety for All
  • Help small businesses thrive
  • Building trust and accountability at City Hall

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