Running for City Council (Ward 11)*
Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 7, 2017

“Hi! I’m Erica.

I grew up in Detroit. My mom is a small business owner. My dad was an auto plant cafeteria manager while I was growing up. They worked really hard to send me and my sister to good schools, made sure we got good grades and participated in lots of activities, and sent us off to good colleges. With that foundation, as soon as I graduated from college, I moved here to the Twin Cities. I thought for many years after moving here that I would be leaving. And then I realized I like it here and I don’t want to leave!

My wife Missy and I live in the Tangletown neighborhood of Ward 11 with our two dogs, Peanut Louise and Florence. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities to serve. I’ve given my support to a number of arts and social justice nonprofits, and issue and candidate campaigns. I have season tickets to the Minnesota Lynx. I serve on the City of Minneapolis Capital Long-Range Improvements Committee, the citizen committee that advises on the city’s capital budget. Having worked for over a decade as a chemical engineer, I know the importance of systems that work well and how they can be adapted for better results. As the leader of a small arts organization that primarily serves women, I see on a daily basis what people can do when they are empowered and affirmed, and when they come together around shared experience and common goals.”

Mauter is running on the following platform:

  • Work Hard for Working People
  • Everyone Should Be Able to Afford a Decent Place to Live
  • Accessible Government and Transparency in Democracy
  • “Nothing About Us Without Us is For Us”
  • Fight for Climate Justice
  • Vibrant Arts & Sports Culture
  • A More Just Justice System
  • Education & Youth Success
  • Strengthen Our Neighborhoods

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