Running for Park Board (District 3)
Minneapolis, MN
Nov. 7, 2017

“After coming to Minneapolis in 2008, I’ve dedicated myself to service of others.

That dedication to service started to pick up when I was elected to be the Outreach Officer for the Senate District 62 DFL. The DFL Somali caucus has since elected me to be their chair twice, during which time we helped elect the first Somali-American legislator in the United States, Ilhan Omar. Our significant grassroots organizing and support was very helpful in securing her historic victory. Bringing my uniquely diverse perspective to the Park Board, just as Ilhan Omar will do in the State Legislature, was a very important factor in my decision to run. I also serve as the chair of the Ventura Village Neighborhood Association — a position that has required me to work extensively with the Park Board.

I am very proud of the work that I have already done for the parks and community of Minneapolis. I sponsored the Mashkiiki Community Garden as a member of the Ventura Village Neighborhood Association This project was very successful and I want to do similar work in the future. I have spent many hours of my time teaching kids to swim, kayak (one of my favorite things to do) and play soccer. Continuing to make our parks engaging places for our children to play in was the central goal of the “Save Peavey Park” project that I campaigned for. As a member of the Ventura Village Neighborhood Association, I was able to help make Peavey Park a safer, more family-friendly and overall more welcoming place for everyone.

The most important focus of my campaign is ensuring the equal accessibility of our beautiful parks to every one — especially our children — regardless of where in Minneapolis they live. My younger siblings love playing in our parks and they deserve the same opportunities to do so in District 3 as children in any other district. I also want to expand community gardens in Minneapolis, specifically by establishing one in or next to every park in Minneapolis — with District 3 serving as a pilot program to the project. Additionally, as Park Board Commissioner, I will ensure that at least 100 new trees are planted in District 3 to further enrich the natural beauty of our parks.

Join me in making the Minneapolis Park Board a more diverse and equitable place.”

Hassan is running on the following platform:

  • Equal Access to Parks
  • Community Gardens
  • Trees
  • Community Involvement

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