Mission & Vision

Our Revolution MN began with a set of principles to build an organization that will advance the political revolution.

The Interim Organizing Committee of Our Revolution MN (see below) has taken responsibility for shaping the early development of our organization and driving an organizing process to build it.

We begin Our Revolution MN with a bottom-up, grassroots organizing process because we believe in cultivating the popular democracy we seek to realize in the government of our state. This organizing process of many meetings across the state will lead into the development of local chapters and a founding convening.

Through the organizing process, we will generate the input and feedback from the people who will join Our Revolution MN as members, activists and leaders to shape the organization and its work. The product of this participatory organizing process will be put up for adoption at our founding convening. Along the way, where we find a critical mass of members, activists and leaders in any given area, we will launch chapters to form the backbone of our statewide independent political organization.

Following the organizing process and adoption of an organizational structure, governing rules, platform and program at our founding convening, we will carry forward the direct work of building the political revolution in our state and building Our Revolution MN. Check out our organizational principles for the framework of how we see Our Revolution MN developing as our organization to build the political revolution here.

Join us at one of our regional meetings across the state to help shape and build Our Revolution MN.

Board of Directors

Contact the Board at [email protected].

Board of Directors

Brian Swancutt, Chair, CD 1 (contact)
Vice Chair, Open
Josh Melgaard, Treasurer, CD 7 (contact)
Lily Keire, Secretary, CD 5 (contact)

Nancy Adams, CD 2 (contact)
Rod Halvorson, Chair, CD 4 (contact)
Kevin Chavis, CD 5
Ryan Rantanen, CD 6
Ukasha Dakane, CD 5